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Announcement: CAPA Office Bearers Elected for 2018

12 Dec 17

The 2017 Annual Council Meeting has drawn to a close, having facilitated postgraduate representatives from all over Australia to come together, share ideas, make new connections, and set the direction for CAPA in 2018. One of the functions of the ACM is to conduct elections for the following year’s national postgraduate student representatives. We are pleased to announce a strong office bearer team elected for 2018:


Executive Committee:
President: Natasha Abrahams
Vice President (National Operations Committee): Anish Saini
Vice President (Equity): Mick Fox
NATSIPA Liaison Officer (interim, pending NATSIPA elections): Sharlene Leroy-Dyer
General Secretary: Dylan Styles
Policy and Research Advisor: Simon Burnett
Media Officer: Zoë Tulip

Equity officers:
International Officer: Florian Spalthoff
Disabilities Officer: Marguerite Biasatti
Women’s Officer: Vacant
Queer Officer: Vacant

Branch presidents:
Western Branch Presidents: Romana-Rea Begicevic & Peter Watson
South Eastern Branch Presidents: Maaz Sharieff & Ganesh Reddy
Eastern Branch President: Madhur Chhabra
Northern Branch President: Saira Khan
Central Branch President: Vacant

The new office bearers commence their term on the first of January. By-elections will be held to fill the vacant positions of Queer Officer, Women’s Officer, and Central Branch President.