2000 – Indicative value of HDR students in the new funding model (Research White Paper revisited)

Attachment: CAPA Paper

Earlier in the year I worked out a model showing indicative value of HDR students to universities in the new funding formulas. In May DETYA released a briefing paper on implementation of the RTS which made a significant change to the formulas in the White Paper by weighting completions by RFM. Accordingly I have recalculated the model to reflect this change. Please note that this is only for indicative purposes. The key point is the emphasis on completions.

  • Institutional Grants Scheme (IGS)
  • combines old Research Quantum ($223 M) and the ARC small grants ($31 M).
  • funding formula – research income (60%), HDR load – (30%) and publications (10%).

HDR load will be calculated on a discipline weighted basis for HECS-exempt domestic students. Using 1999 data, HDR load will translate to each student being worth $2011pa in the low band and $4726pa in the high band. (In practice load will be averaged over most recent two years of load data)