Members Section

Welcome to the CAPA Members Section. Here you’ll find resources that have been curated by CAPA to assist you in advocating for Postgraduate students. All items in this section are password protected and available to members only. If you would like to access this section, and do not have the password, please email or with your membership details.

CAPA Internal Research Library

This library contains over 115 different submission, reports, articles and more that contain useful information you can cite when writing reports and submissions.

NOTE: This section is currently in Beta Testing

Briefing Papers

The section contains documents produced by CAPA in order to brief affiliates on major events or policy decisions. The old briefing archive can be found here.

Historical Campaigns

This section provides an archive of the information and web pages supporting campaigns previously run by CAPA.

Connect Magazine

Connect is NTEU’s magazine for casual and sessional academics, published twice a year by NTEU and CAPA. It contains news and features of interest to NTEU members. It is sent to all NTEU casual academic members

Postgrad Blog

This page provides a collection of blog posts written by CAPA office bearers and affiliates [no password required]