Connect Magazine

June 2013
  • Casualisation is “the dirty little secret of university expansion” – Academics address parliamentary hearing
  • Strike a pose! Casuals aren’t just bending over backwards
  • Supporting Swinburne
  • Online learning and casual teaching: What will be the impact of MOOCS?
  • Exploring an open future: The possibilities of open teaching and research
  • Why I’m a member: Kurt Iveson
  • Precarious employment infographic: Unscrambling the facts and stats
March 2013
  • New Year Blues: Summer and the lot of the casual academic
  • You and your research CV: How to make a great first impression
  • Institutions of lost knowledge: High turnover of casuals results in the loss of tacit knowledge in our universities
  • #OverlyHonestMethods: What researchers really think
  • Secure Jobs. Better Future: Update of the ACTU campaign
  • Vale John Nowakowski
  • Why I’m a member: Russell Walton
  • Greens tackle insecure employment
  • NTEU resolves to improve pay and conditions for casuals
July 2012
  • Respect, recognition, reward: NTEU gets set for next round of bargaining
  • Lessons in naivety: The pitfalls to avoid as a casual academic
  • Tired of marking at McDonalds’ rates? Murdoch marking campaign
  • Journey on the precarious career path: From “The Research Academic”
  • ACTU Congress: Crhis Elenor takes the stage for the launch of the report of the Insecure Work Inquiry
  • Why I’m a member: Clare McCarty
  • Casuals conferences: NSW and Victoria
  • NTEU survey confirms Howe Inquiry outcomes