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example-answerThe Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) wants to hear from you Australia’s postgraduate students, about the value of your research degree.


We believe that the value of postgraduate students to their university is more than just the tuition fee or funding which they contribute. The real value of postgraduate students is much greater, and is evidenced through publications they produce,  research grants applied for, teaching, tutoring and other activities they undertake while training at their institution.

We want to show Australia the value of its postgraduate students. You can help by taking a moment to tell us about your research degree then share our campaign #valuepostgrads with your friends and colleagues. Help us get people talking about research funding and the value of postgraduate students!

To get involved, tell us your answer to the following questions: 

  1. What will your research degree contribute?
  2. Why is research funding certainty important?

You can do this by following three easy steps

  1. Download and print a copy of the poster template [Poster template Q1, Poster template Q2] or Make your own [Heading Q1, Heading Q2Footer]
  2. Write down your answer, hold up the poster and have a friend take a picture
  3. Send us your picture using the form bellow!

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Why are postgraduate students valuable?

Postgraduate students contributed a total of 58% of the R&D effort in Australia’s higher education sector between 1992 – 2012 that’s a staggering 290,369 Person Years of Effort (PYE).

Average contribution to R&D 1996 – 2012
ABS figures for Higher Education R&D Human Resources