CAPA Equity is a committee that sits on CAPA that consists of a women’s, queer, international, disabilities’ portfolio. NATSIPA’s National Liaison Officer also sits on the equity committee. We are concerned with postgraduate student welfare and advocate for the rights of marginalised students.  CAPA Equity will be campaigning for awareness and for direct action towards making higher education accessible for everyone. Equity is represented on CAPA Executive through the Vice-President Equity and NATSIPA NLO, through this we are able to make sure that equity issues are being thought of throughout the organisation.

Vibol Hy - VP Equity

Vibol Hy
e: vp_equity@capa.edu.au 



Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer

e: indigenous@capa.edu.au


Alex Yao - International2Zhengyuan (Alex) Yao

e: international@capa.edu.au


Alexandra Nixon - DisabilitiesAlexandra Nixon

e: disabilities@capa.edu.au


Oliver Moore - QueerOliver Moore

e: queer@capa.edu.au

Alyssa profile photoAlyssa Shaw

e: women@capa.edu.au