MEDIA RELEASE: ‘We need to do more to protect international students from wage theft’, says CAPA

‘We need to do more to protect international students from wage theft’, says CAPA

The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations calls for the Morrison government to crack down on wage theft in Australia. The recent protest in Adelaide’s Chinatown was a public display of everyday people standing together against heinous practices of exploiting the vulnerable.

For years CAPA has called out the exploitation of international students by employers, and this includes universities. International students come to Australia for quality education and build a better life for themselves. They have the right to earn a fair wage for their work as they complete their studies just like everyone else.

 “For many of these students, it’s their first time in Australia and are not always fully aware of their rights,” says CAPA National President Errol Phuah. “We boast about being a fair country. So they don’t expect employers to exploit them, and it happens more than you think.”

It is not acceptable to put ownest back on international students for not knowing their rights or agreeing to below minimum hourly rates. We welcomed them to this country, and we need to hold ourselves accountable if we want to be a nation known for opportunity and fairness.

“It’s also not easy for international students to speak up about this, there is an inherent fear they might lose their job, student visa or something worse.”

”Unfortunately it’s not that uncommon to hear businesses underpaying international students. They don’t complain because every penny they earn is essential for their survival. International students should have the right to a fair wage like everyone else.” says CAPA International Officer Vineet Prabhakar “If the government expects them to pay the same amount of taxes, they deserve to be paid rightfully.”

International students play a significant role in boosting Australia’s economy. So, if we want to bring international students back into Australia, we need to ensure they are protected from exploitation.

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