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2017 – Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Survey Universities Australia/ Australian Human Rights Commission

20 Jul 17

Attachment: CAPA Recommendations SASH survey

CAPA Recommendations Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Survey Universities Australia/ Australian

Human Rights Commission


These recommendations have been created by the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) with input and consultation from both undergraduate and postgraduate student representatives, and with support from sexual violence specialists and publications, in order to respond to the upcoming release of the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Survey (SASH or the Survey). The SASH survey is a historic and meaningful step by Universities in Australia to acknowledge the prevalence and impact of sexual violence in our University communities. CAPA also praises the strong leadership of Vice Chancellor’s in engaging independent experts, in the form of the Australian Human Rights Commission, to undertake this survey. The need for evidence based, best practice solutions and support from specialists will be crucial to the work ahead.

CAPA has provided 19 recommendations that are critical in addressing this complex and systemic issue. These measures focus on three areas of prevention, as articulated by the National Association of Services Against Sexual Violence1:

  • Primary prevention: strategies utilised to mitigate problems before they occur
  • Secondary prevention: supporting those in our community who are at high risk through earlyidentification and intervention, for instance residential students and Higher Degree by

    Research Students

  • Tertiary prevention/ intervention: responses after sexual violence has taken place. Thisfocuses on ensuring safety and wellbeing, minimising the impact of violence, and preventing further violence.

    A primary responsibility of a universities is to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for the pursuit of academic, professional and personal growth. Universities have a duty of care to all members of the University community: students, professional and academic staff.


List of support services

Here is a list of support services that can be accessed nationwide to provide support to survivors of sexual assault and their support people.

Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre
Crisis Line: (02) 6247 2525
Email: crcc@rapecrisis.org.au

New South Wales

NSW Rape Crisis Centre
(02) 9819 6565

1800 424 017 (outside Sydney)

NSW Health Sexual Assault Services


Northern Territory

Sexual Assault Referral Services (SARC)

Alice Springs: (08) 8955 4500

Darwin: (08) 8922 6472

Katherine: (08) 8973 8524

Tennant Creek: (08) 8962 4100


Brisbane Rape & Incest Survivors Support Centre
(07) 3391 0004

Sexual Assault Help Line
1800 010 120

South Australia

Yarrow Place Rape & Sexual Assault Service

Free call: 1800 817 421

After hours and emergency: (08) 8226 8787


Sexual Assault Support Service

24 hour crisis line: 1800 697 877

Ph: 03 6231 1811

Email: admin@sass.org.au

Laurel House Launceston
Ph: (03) 6334 2740
Ph (After hours): 1800 697 877

Laurel House North West
Ph: (03) 6431 9711
Ph (After hours): 1800 697 877


Sexual Assault Crisis Line

Free call: 1800 806 292
Email: ahcasa@thewomens.org.au

Western Australia

Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)
Crisis 24 hour: (08) 9340 1828
Country areas (free call): 1800 199 888