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MEDIA RELEASE: Government forgets skills in their skills and infrastructure agenda

2 Apr 19

Government forgets skills in their skills and infrastructure agenda

The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) is horrified at the Government’s priorities as outlined in their 2019/20 Budget handed down tonight.

The Coalition Government is ripping money out of Australia’s future prosperity in a vain attempt to buy votes with their $158 billion of tax cuts that mostly benefit the top end of town.

The Liberals’ sustained cuts to research will drag down the Australian economy in future, as we forgo the high return-on-investment for research expenditure. The Group of Eight universities found that each dollar of research funding they receive returns $10 to the economy.

As far as education goes, this budget has nothing for anyone over the age of 14 and not in vocational education. Not one request made by postgraduate students to this government has been adopted.

Students are suffering, with many unable to afford rent and food. There is also a high prevalence of mental health issues among the student population. However, this budget provides no relief. There have been no improvements to welfare. There is nothing for students living in poverty. The number of Medicare-covered sessions with a mental health professional remains woefully inadequate.

The Coalition’s message is clear: they will sacrifice Australia’s future to buy votes. Their vision extends no further than next month’s federal election.

The Treasurer claims that Australia is “back on track” while students can’t help but fall off the tracks. We need the incoming government to have a vision for Australia’s future as a knowledge economy.

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