Office Bearers

  • Errol Phuah
    Errol Phuah National President

    Errol is a Bioengineering PhD student from Swinburne University of Technology and National President of CAPA for 2021. His research is in Aerosol Jet Bioprinting for bioengineering and biomedical engineering applications.

    His student representation experience stems from HDR and research funding policies. However, he has his eyes set on addressing the quality of education coursework students and universities in 2021.

    He has a strong belief that universities should be about engaging in meaningful debate and discussion to develop new ideas and independent thinking, through critical thinking and problem-solving.

    Prior to 2021, he was the HDR representative at the Swinburne Student Union in 2019. In 2020 he was CAPA’s Policy & Research Advisor and filled in for Vice-President and General Secretary for the 2nd half of 2020.


  • Adam Scorgie
    Adam Scorgie Vice President

    Adam is a master & student of history at the University of Adelaide researching
    Australian nationalism in the 1960s. He has extensive, prior experience working for the
    mighty SDA Union as a union representative and a membership support officer. He
    also served as a board member for CAPA in 2020. It is this experience in advocacy, organising, and member engagement that Adam hopes to bring

    To the Vice President role. Adam looks forward to working with our affiliates to ensure
    that their views can be incorporated into CAPA’s submissions and CAPA’s


  • Saira Khan
    Saira Khan General Secretary

    Saira Khan is currently studying a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning at
    Griffith University. She is a third-term Board member with the Griffith University
    Postgraduate Students Association (GUPSA), where she holds the role of
    Coursework Officer.

    Saira has previously served as CAPA’s Northern Branch
    Manager (this role no longer exists under the new CAPA structure), and as the
    CAPA Board Chair in 2020. As the 2021 CAPA General Secretary, Saira looks forward to
    working with the NRC and the Board to ensure the continued sound management of
    CAPA’s administrative and financial obligations.


  • Anushka Kapoor
    Anushka Kapoor Media and Communications Officer

    Anushka Kapoor (pronounce she/her) and is the Media and Communications officer
    for 2021. Anushka is looking forward to exciting new strategies for CAPA’s
    media releases and social media.

    She has completed her Bachelor’s in Commerce with Computer Programming, Masters of Arts in Fashion Luxury Brand Management and currently completing a Double Masters in Marketing.

    As a creative and results-oriented individual with a solid academic background in marketing, PR and software, she possesses a breadth of knowledge and skills that will allow me to contribute efficiently and effectively to this role. Anushka is looking forward to this year with an amazing team at CAPA and dedicated to working for students’ interest and other affiliates.


  • Eve Walker
    Eve Walker Policy and Research Advisor

    Eve Walker (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a third-year Juris Doctor student with a
    background in political science and history. In 2018, Eve was granted a New
    Colombo Scholarship to complete her final year of undergraduate studies at the
    The University of Hong Kong. Having a passion for Sino-Japanese relations, studying at
    the ANU seemed like the most appropriate choice. Moving forward, she is interested
    in furthering her understanding of jurisprudential norms within Australian politics.  

    Eve became a student representative (at PARSA) in 2020 as a result of the
    Coronavirus pandemic. She believes that representation is key to ensuring that the
    rights of students are protected. Unfortunately, student associations do not hold the
    same significance they used to. While some of this might be a result of
    Keating’s Industrial Relations Reform Act (1993). She believes that students need to
    be well informed if they are to understand how politics can affect the tertiary sector.

    This is not a question of policy, rather morals, in her opinion. As such, she is
    committed to strengthening CAPA’s relationships with other student associations across
    the country; for student vulnerabilities exist notwithstanding state borders.


  • Kya Branch
    Kya Branch NATSIPA Liaison Officer

    They are currently studying a Master of Studies (Coursework) at the University of Newcastle. In 2021, they are the new President of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Postgraduate Association. 

    Their experience in unionism ranges from executives such as the National Union of Student Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer in 2020, Newcastle Universities Students Association (NUSA) as the Education Officer in 2019, and the NUSA Queer Collective as their Ethnocultural, and Health & Wellbeing officer in 2017/18 and 2019 respectively. Their goal as part of NATSIPA and CAPA is the decolonisation of higher education of their colleagues.


  • Carmelina Monea
    Carmelina Monea Disabilities Officer

    Coming Soon!


  • Vineet Prabhakar
    Vineet Prabhakar International Officer

    Vineet Prabhakar from Mumbai, India is the newly elected International Officer for CAPA 2021. He is really keen on working with the team to provide postgrad students with the best possible support in their journey through student life. He has done his Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance and a Masters in Professional Accounting.
    He also serves at the RMIT University Student Union as the Clubs and Societies Officer.

    He is an international student too, so he knows what hardships international students have to go through. He wants to come up with strategies to help them in every possible way. He is excited to work with an amazing team to achieve all of it.


  • Vacant
    Vacant Queer Officer

    Coming Soon!


  • Catherine Allingham
    Catherine Allingham Women's Officer

    Cate is a Scientist, Junior Doctor, and emerging leader in STEMM. Her work focuses on reproductive health of children and adolescents with cancer. Cate is recognised as a leading translational scientist in the field resulting from having authored a number of peer-reviewed papers, a higher research degree which she is currently undertaking, and Honours and research students she supervises at the Royal Women’s Hospital.

    Additionally, as the Women’s representative at the Council of Australian Post-graduate Association, Cate is working with the Australian University Sector to implement programs to raise awareness and eliminate sexual violence including harassment & sexual assault across the Sector.

    Cate’s contribution to STEMM and the wider University sector has been recognised through various awards including Vic Gov/Awards Australia (First National Real Estate and the Luminary Tech Visionary finalist 2020), by the NSW Government (NSW Young Woman of the Year shortlist 2019), and VicHealth (Finalist – Translating Research into Practice finalist 2019). Cate holds a Doctorate of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science with first-class Honours.


  • Vacant
    Vacant Research Officer (staff)
  • Peter Watson
    Peter Watson Board Chair

    Hi I’m Peter and I am currently a 4th year PhD student studying Chemistry with a deep passion for the empowering nature of education and firm belief in its equitable access. I have extensive experience working within university structures as a student advocate in my past roles as the 2018 President of the Postgraduate Students’ Association of UWA and as a Western Branch President of CAPA. I have led multiple clubs and societies having held positions in both the UWA Science Union, UWA CHeMnBiO Club and through my involvement in PROSH. I join the Board with training from the AICD and as a current member of the St Thomas More College Council and with a desire to build the foundations on which CAPA can continue to grow long into the future.

  • Nidzam Hussain
    Nidzam Hussain Board Secretary
  • Jessica Lu
    Jessica Lu Board member
  • Maimuna (May) Majimbi
    Maimuna (May) Majimbi Board member

    Hello… My name is May Majimbi and I’m excited to be a member of the CAPA 2021 Board. Having served on the Board in 2019 and 2020, I’m particularly eager to build upon the governance work that we presented to affiliates. CAPA works tirelessly to improve the quality and experience of post-grads Australia-wide and it’s an honour to be on the team.

  • Kylie Day
    Kylie Day Board member
  • Tiana Blazevic
    Tiana Blazevic Board member
  • Brinda Asarpota
    Brinda Asarpota Board member
  • Simran Kaur
    Simran Kaur Board Member