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Media Release: Everyone supports science but who is going to pay for it?

20 Apr 17

With the upcoming march for science and the release of the ANUpoll the picture is clear that Science is overwhelmingly supported around the country. For the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) this is not a surprise nor should it be for the Federal Government.

On Earth day around the world scientists will be breaking out of their laboratories to stand up for the importance of science and research. The big question that needs to be asked however is who will provide the funding to invest in science and research?

Not only did the ANUpoll find that the majority of people support science but that 67% of people believed that science was best funded by government. Given the approaching federal budget now is the time for the Federal Government to walk the walk when it comes to research.

CAPA gladly stands with the scientists of Australia during the March for Science because we know how important university funding for science and research is to Australia. But with an expected cut to university funding we are left to wonder when the Federal Government will put their money where their mouth is.

“It seems at every federal budget Universities are expected to face cut after cut to their funding at a time when science, research and innovation is being touted as the key to Australia’s future,” said CAPA National President Peter Derbyshire. “On top of university funding cuts it also seems we should expect student will have to pay more for an education that with not benefit from any extra funding.”

“Science, research and innovation need to be more than buzz words. All we ask is that the federal government commit to these principles through an adequately funded university system” said Mr Derbyshire.

If the Federal Government really wanted to join in on the innovation fun we encourage them to try something new like increase university funding.


For comment: Peter Derbyshire CAPA National President M: 0435 047 817