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MEDIA RELEASE: CAPA calls for student consultation in tackling contract cheating

19 Mar 19

CAPA calls for student consultation in tackling contract cheating

The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) is calling for student associations and student advocacy services to be consulted in Government efforts to reduce contract cheating in universities.

In our submission to the “Tackling contract cheating” inquiry, we support the notion of legislation criminalising the sale of contract cheating services, and argue that this should be one of many initiatives to address university cheating.

Student advocacy services work on the front-line of handling academic misconduct cases and therefore can provide insights into how to effectively address the causes of cheating. It is vital that student associations and their advocacy services are consulted during this process.

We furthermore call for secure funding for advocacy services run by student associations, which are often not sufficiently funded to meet demand. There is an anticipated increase in demand for student advocacy services, as scrutiny on academic misconduct intensifies with the proposed legislative changes. Student advocacy services are essential to ensure that those accused of academic misconduct are treated fairly and are able to access support services. Secure and sufficient funding will also enable student advocacy services to provide additional programs to prevent academic misconduct before it occurs.

“Criminalising the sale of contract cheating is a step in the right direction to promote academic integrity,” says CAPA National President, Natasha Abrahams.

“However, this must be part of a multi-pronged approach, including full funding for independent student advocacy and support services.”

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