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Research needs funding and infrastructure, not just pretty words.

28 Sep 17

The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) is dismayed by the move to axe the Education Investment Fund (EIF) after spruiking the importance of research to Australia.

The EIF was essential in ensuring research infrastructure could be developed and maintained well into the future. Research funding requires long term planning according to the Bradley and the Clark and the EIF provided a way for this to occur.

While the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an important program, results from the 2016-17 final budget outcome show that there are other ways in which the NDIS can be fully funded. Removing a fund that provides an avenue for development, job creation, and economic benefit should not be cut for a one-off cost. This is the very essence for the Federal Government’s distinction of good vs bad debt.

Universities are already facing trying times under the proposed Higher Education Legislation cuts. Removal of the EIF will put a halt on infrastructure investment and will divert further funding from research.

CAPA urges the Federal Government to maintain the EIF and to stop the senseless gutting of the higher education and research sector.

CAPA National President Peter Derbyshire says:

“At this stage we have a space agency that has no funding attached to it, a National Research Infrastructure Road Map that is still unfunded, and now our Education Investment Fund is being scrapped.

“The Federal Government needs to stop trying to sell us disingenuous plans and needs to get serious about research in Australia. You can’t rip $3.8 billion from university research in the same week that you want to show off our research capacity. If you are going to gut research in Australia, at least stop being a hypocrite about it.”

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