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Submission to the National Strategy for International Education

9 Sep 15

ATTACHMENT: Submission made 29 May 2015

In 2013 over 30% of all postgraduate students enrolling in Australian Universities were overseas students. The number of overseas students has been growing steadily over the last decade in Australia as universities and other educators have increasingly sought to engage globally and tap into the international student market.

For CAPA this trend is a positive direction for education in Australia, overseas students benefit not just the Australian economy but also society through the social and cultural contributions they make while living here. The experience also benefits the students by exposing them to Australian society and culture – while giving them in most cases a high quality education experience. A strong international education plan is essential to the future of the Australian higher education sector.

Our feedback shall focus on postgraduate students and their place in the National Strategy for International Education. A summary of our key points is as follows:

  • Research training and postgraduate students must play a greater role in the National Strategy for International Education,
  • greater support for postgraduate student mobility is needed beyond Endeavour Mobility Grants. Indigenous students and students from disadvantaged backgrounds should be included,
  • with proper support postgraduate students can be Australia’s ambassadors for international education, and
  • addressing student wellbeing, improving VISA arrangements, and IELTS quality outcomes must be priority strategic actions.

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