Policy Submissions

Response to the University Accords

19 Dec 22

Download: Response to the University Accords

CAPA is concerned with the current state of public universities in Australia as not-for-profit higher education providers created to serve the public good. We recognise the responsibility for higher education to form ethical and critical capacities in the population, specifically in the Humanities. 

Universities are responsible for nurturing public intellectuals who participate in knowledge generation to benefit their communities and society. These institutions should be free, secular, diverse, democratic, socially accountable, and publicly funded and controlled, recognising that the public system is the most appropriate means of delivering educational services based on social equity and academic freedom. 

We believe universities and academia are about the preservation, transmission and extension of knowledge for its own sake, the development of critical capacities and reasoning in an environment of vigorous academic freedom, and which actively fosters the development of abilities to challenge the status quo of one’s society.