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MEDIA RELEASE: CAPA launches Raise Our Voice campaign for postgraduate equity activism

15 Aug 18

CAPA launches Raise Our Voice campaign for postgraduate equity activism

The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) has today launched the Raise Our Voice campaign, which raises awareness of initiatives for marginalised groups in postgraduate spaces.

As part of the Raise Our Voice campaign, we have published the CAPA Equity Student Representatives Handbook, which is a guide for student leaders to effectively represent marginalised groups at a postgraduate level.

National initiatives currently in progress under the Raise Our Voice banner include: developing a queer representational agreement for Australian student bodies, working with Queer Unionists in Tertiary Education to host a series of Pride Chats in Victorian universities, and conducting an audit of universities’ disability services. We have also recently worked with other peak university bodies to develop a set of principles for respectful postgraduate supervision.

This campaign launches as part of Bluestocking Week, in which we recognise the involvement of women in higher education.

CAPA Vice President (Equity), Mick Fox, says, “This campaign spotlights the great work done by student leaders around Australia to improve higher education for marginalised groups. We hope it will inspire renewed efforts by universities to ensure that the student experience is positive for all, including those who need an extra helping hand.”

CAPA Queer Officer, Dylan Styles, says, “Raise Our Voice brings together the plethora of lived equity perspectives to tackle the inequality we see within higher education nationally. Our reports, resources, and lobbying will ensure that universities are benchmarked and held accountable.”

Regular campaign updates will be posted to the Raise Our Voice Facebook page.

For further comment:
CAPA Vice President (Equity)
Mick Fox
P: 0412 436 220