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Media Release: Anti-Semitism has no place in Australia or Australian Universities

5 May 17

The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) condemns the increasing prevalence of Holocaust denial, anti-Semitic posters that are appearing on campuses nationwide. It is inconceivable that Antisemitism still exists especially at institutions of higher learning.

For CAPA, this is a matter of hate speech which has no place in educational institutions that should hold diversity and inclusivity. All students, and in-fact all people have a fundamental right to feel safe and should not have to worry that the atrocities of the past will be revisited in this manner.

This appears to be a nationwide effort and CAPA encourages student groups and universities to take a stand against anti-Semitism and hate speech.

We are encouraging students on all campuses to undertake the following actions on campus

  • Reporting these posters and flyers to university security noting the time and place
  • Removing posters when they are found
  • Keeping aware of physical surroundings and people postering or flyering

CAPA also recommends that universities make every effort to identify the students undertaking this deplorable behaviour and require that they attend education workshops on this matter as well as overall equity and diversity training.

It is imperative that campus safety is ensured for all students and staff and it is essential that universities and student organisations stand together to stem the tide of this behaviour.



For comment: Peter Derbyshire CAPA National President M: 0435 047 817