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The federal government finally admits it: They do not care about education in Australia

25 Jul 17

The enquiry into the Higher Education Legislation amendments has revealed the Federal Governments real policy when it comes to education in Australia and that is “We don’t care”. The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) had thought that it would be possible to work with the Minister for Education and Training on real reform to higher education instead we got this debacle.

The Minister for Education and Training has bragged that by 2020 per-student funding will be the lowest in 11-years under his government. It is a proud moment for a government whose favourite past-time is a jolly good game of “kick the young person”.

The Minister has also stated that universities can just “tighten their belts” when it comes to the $2.8billion that will be ripped from universities. A sentiment that CAPA notes is NOT extended to millionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations.

Australian universities are already heavily reliant on the international student market. Does the federal government really want an education system that is geared to international students only because Australian students aren’t worth the effort? Where has the desire to educate the nation’s young people because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO gone.

We are again urging all senators to come out against this so-called reform package so that something meaningful might take its place. It is time to do something real that will secure Australia’s future and the future for Australian students.

Peter Derbyshire, CAPA National President, said:
“We are not sure if the Federal Government wants to deliberately destroy Australia’s reputation as a research and education destination or perhaps they just hate Australian students but either way Australian students are going to lose out”.

“How disappointing is it that pre-election the government was all for a research and innovation revolution only to find out that it was all vote-grabbing stunts. Perhaps one day a Federal government will come along that recognizes the potential in Australia’s Universities and utilize it but I fear it is not this day.”

“We should give the Minister for Education and Training one thing though, through this proposal, he has united the sector better than his predecessor’s failure did”

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