CAPA Awards 2017

2017 Awards Winners
The CAPA Awards celebrate campaigns and other initiatives undertaken throughout the year by our affiliates. You can nominate on behalf of your own student organisation, or you can nominate another postgraduate student organisation that you feel is deserving of recognition. The award categories are:

1. Education Initiative of the Year

For an outstanding academically inclined campaign, program, or event run by an affiliate

2. Welfare Initiative of the Year
For an exceptional campaign, program, or event run by an affiliate which targets student welfare

3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Initiative of the Year
NATSIPA’s award to a CAPA affiliate with a campaign, program, event, or other initiative which engages with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students or communities

4. CAPA Citizen of the Year
For the affiliate that is most engaged with CAPA

2017 CAPA Awards

The CAPA awards were a new initiative in 2017, designed to recognise and celebrate what CAPA affiliates had done that year. We received nominations for three categories: Education Initiative of the Year, Welfare Initiative of the Year, and CAPA Citizen of the Year.

The selection committee, who chose the winners, was comprised of Vibol Hy (2017 Vice President- Equity), Sharlene Leroy-Dyer (2017 NATSIPA Liaison Officer), and Simon Burnett (2017 Policy and Research Advisor).

Education Initiative of the Year


  • UQU for their three minute thesis event
  • VUPA for their successful advocacy campaign against Victoria University’s first year college and PhD model,
  • GUPSA, for their free editing service for postgraduate students,
  • CUPSA, for their postgraduate networking and employment evening,
  • PARSA, for their Shut Up and Write program including writing evenings and half-days, and
  • SCPA, for their education and training program for PhD students.


2017 Awards GUPSA

GUPSA, the Griffith University Postgraduate Student Association, for their free editing service for postgraduate students.

GUPSA administers an editing service with three professional editors, allowing each student to submit a total of 12,000 words per year. For each submission, an editor will review the document and provide a track-changed version, then meeting for a one-hour consultation to work individually with the student on their writing. In 2017, their editors have consulted with 183 students, with up to four consultations per student.


Welfare Initiative of the Year


  • UQU for their bursaries program, which provides students in needs with funds for academic purposes,
  • SCPA, for their exceptional circumstance financial assistance program for academic and living expenses to support students to continue their studies,
  • NUPSA, for their free visa workshop providing advice for international students, and
  • NUPSA, for their queer research evening during Pride Week.



2017 Awards NUPSA

NUPSA, the Newcastle University Postgraduate Students Association, for their queer research event.

During the University of Newcastle’s Pride Week celebrations, NUPSA ran queer research evening for postgraduate students. They felt that this was an important thing to do to affirm queer students in the national climate in which the same-sex marriage postal-survey had commenced. Students presented their research in a variety of innovative formats. As well as traditional presentations with slides, there was also an original presentation through song. Some in the audience had not registered to present, but felt so inspired that they presented off-the-cuff, through poetry readings, story readings, and a stand-up comedy routine.


CAPA Citizen of the Year

This award is to recognise the affiliate most engaged with CAPA.


  • UWA PSA, who hosted a CAPA orientation day stall, advertised CAPA initiatives throughout the year, and hosted the CAPA ACM,
  • SCPA, for being engaged with our national campaigns throughout the year,
  • SCPA, for being the most active organisation in the eastern branch and for carrying out major campaigns on their campus, and
  • PARSA, for providing financial and in-kind support for CAPA throughout the year.


2017 Awards UWA

UWA Postgraduate Students’ Association, for their support of CAPA throughout the year.

In addition to their very visible support of hosting us for the ACM and Equity Conference, PSA has also been engaged with CAPA all year, promoting our news and campaigns to their own constituents, including through publishing a message from the CAPA President in their yearly publication. They also assisted by advertising for the research officer position in their networks.