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Campus Review: New York Times gives students a voice, gets deluged

14 Mar 18

Campus Review: New York Times gives students a voice, gets deluged

Loren Smith, Campus Review

A quick Google of the term ‘millennial’ in the ‘news’ tab yields approximately 2.31 million results. But how many of those were created by actual millennials? A safe guess would be: not many.


National President of Australia’s National Union of Students, Mark Pace, says the huge student desire for their voices to be heard might be because students’ views are often “ignored or actively silenced” in the public domain. For instance, though sexual harassment and assault of university students is taken seriously now, students have raised this as an issue for decades.

Natasha Abrahams, National President, Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA), likewise used this subject, “which student journalists and student leaders have been talking about for many years”, as an example of the silencing of students.

“The work of student activists is the only reason universities have recently been forced to admit there is a rape culture on our campuses,” Pace claims.

Another underrepresented student issue is the overworking and/or exploitation of STEM PhD students, says CAPA Media Officer, Zoë Tulip.

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