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20 Jul 17

Welcome to the Postgrad Blog Space where stories are shared.

I noticed just how important and useful shared personal experiences could be to someone new to an environment or an educational system. Although this blog may provide some information about the writer’s personal experience, the aim is to capture what it feels like being a postgraduate living in Australia. It is a platform where students share thoughts, experiences and achievements as a student in Australia. Chances are that this will be a source of reference to someone or an inspiration to other students who read it. We also want to show authorities just how valuable and important postgraduates are .

The blog will be written by current postgrad studying in an Australian university or who recently graduated from an Australian university. The information provided on the blog will be raw contents by the contributors and only edited on the permission of the contributors.

The views expressed in the blog are those of the individual and should not be interpreted as that of the Council of Australian Postgraduate Association as an organisation.

-‘lola Ayeni Media Officer