Policy Submissions

2015 – Submission to the Review of Research Policy and Funding Arrangements

19 Sep 15

Attachment: CAPA Submission

After reviewing the research policy and funding arrangements review discussion paper CAPA believes that there is room for improvement in current policy and funding arrangements for research and research training in Australia. However it is the opinion of CAPA that major structural change is not currently necessary, and that more evidence is required before it could be considered. Many of the issues raised in regards to current research funding arrangements extend from insufficient funding of the current system rather than from the funding structures themselves.

CAPA understands that in a constrained funding environment flexibility of existing funding and the ability to pursue or generate additional funding streams are important. There are only so many ways that the current funding quantum can be sliced but the quality and integrity of the current system must not be compromised in this pursuit. With that in mind this submission address areas in which CAPA considers there to be room for improvement.

Key Recommendations 

  1. The research training scheme funding must be equivalent to the real cost of training research students
  2. APA grants to be provided to Higher Education Providers as a pool to allow allocation per student to be decided by the HEP with the provision that no grant can be less than minimum wage and must still be paid to students fortnightly.
  3. A greater number of Commonwealth Supported Placements to be extended to Masters level courses allowing for an increased pool of students to enter research training.
  4. Models of Cooperative Education must receive greater support and recognition in Australia’s Research Training System, it is worth examining the current state of these programs in Australia at a postgraduate level.

Information pertaining to the Review can be found on The Department of Education and Training site.